Our aim is to support the employer in creating and maintaining a productive workforce to achieve business objectives. We do this by empowering the employer to implement policies and strategies which create harmony in the workplace, efficiently focusing human resources on achieving business objectives, and asserting the legal rights of the employer where necessary.

 Labour.co.za renders a full and comprehensive range of services to the employer, backed by the latest research and publications material in the field.

 We have a team of qualified consultants and Labour Attorneys available on

call, 24 Hours a day, seven days a week, no further away than your telephone



     The services we offer relating to industrial relations matters are as follows:

2.1. Industrial Relations / Human Resources Audit;

Complete internal Audit to assess the gaps in your business knowledge and understanding of IR/HR issues. This Audit will be done at your business premises by one of our qualified consultants / attorneys.

2.2. Contracts of Employment

Preparation of service contracts/letters of employment.
Our Legal Advisors will also explain the contracts to employees should it be required by the employer.

2.3. Representation at CCMA

Representation and/or assistance of clients at all levels of the CCMA, Bargaining Council and or private Arbitration hearings. (free to subscribers)

2.4. Training in Procedure

Training of employers, managers and supervisors in the correct procedures to discipline, dismiss, etc.

2.5 Preparation of Policies

Preparation of policies as requested by the client on Aids, Alcohol & Drugs, Bursaries & Scholarship, Business Travel, Car Allowance, Cell Phones, Certificate of Service, Conditions of Employment, Termination of Employment, Corrective Action, Disability and Incapacity, Disciplinary Procedures, Dispute Resolution, Educational Assistance Scheme for Employees, Employment Equity, Firearms, Grievance Handling, Induction, Industrial Relations, Information Technology, Internet, Internship & Graduates, Long Service, Medical Aid, Membership of Professional Associations, Occupational Health and Safety, Performance Reward, Procurement of Goods and Services, Recruitment and Selection, Remuneration, Retrenchment and Job Security, Sexual Harassment, Smoking, Transfer and Relocation, Union Recognition, etc

2.6 Union Negotiations

Conduct of wage negotiations with unions and conflict resolution on behalf of the business owner. We also eliminate unlawful unions. Recognition agreement negotiations and agreement contracts.

2.5. Strike management.

Assistance with contingency planning, strike diaries, legality of action taken by employers, and settlement negotiations.

2.6. Liaison Department of Labour

Handle Department of Labour matters on behalf of the employer.

2.9. Newsletter

Regular newsletters to keep clients informed about any change in Legislation at no additional cost.

2.10. Legal Help line

Free 24-hour access to telephonic, e-mail and fax help line to address immediate labour issues.

2.11. IR Assistance

Assistance with regard to counseling, disciplinary hearings, dismissals, retrenchments, restructuring, appeal hearings, etc.

2.12. Chair Disciplinary Hearings

Our Legal Advisors will act as chairperson at disciplinary inquiries at no additional cost. We also provide and complete the necessary forms, such as a notice to appear in a disciplinary inquiry, written warnings and dismissal letters.

2.13. Skills Development Act

Helpdesk and advice with regard to Skills Development Act, 1998.

2.14. Employment Equity Act

Assistance to designated employers with initiation of plans and reports as required by the Employment Equity Act, 1998.

2.15. Occupational Health Safety Act

Advice and assistance to comply with provisions of Occupational Health and Safety act, 1996.

2.16. Labour Court and Labour Appeal Court Assistance

Our team of professional Attorneys and Advocates will assist you with countrywide with Labour Court and Labour Appeal Court cases.

Please contact us for an introductory discussion on the Human Resources aspects of your business, at no charge to yourself. We will be glad to gain an understanding of your business, and we can offer the following specialized services to suit your needs.


We offer quality services at very reasonable hourly rates, depending on the needs of the client.

We also offer a fixed-price support package, which includes all industrial relations functions, tailored for the needs of the client having fewer employees and wishing to ensure that all employment requirements are properly handled, the fees being:

3.1.  Registration fee
       Once off registration fee of R 3420.00 per employer (VAT inclusive)

3.2.   Monthly contribution

3.2.1. Monthly Premium of R 475.00 plus
3.2.2. R 25.00 per employee per month plus
3.2.3. VAT

Keeping in mind that if you select the fixed-price support package, the monthly contribution is fixed for 12 months irrespective if we spent 6 hours per month or 200 hours per month at your Company, or how many CCMA or Bargaining Council hearings we have.


4.1.    You will have direct access to expert advice and attendance.
4.2.    24 Hour support.
4.3.    You will have Employment Contracts and policies which protect your rights.
4.4.    We will implement in your workplace all necessary disciplinary, counseling and grievance procedures.
4.5.    You will have experts representing you.
4.6.    We prevent loss of managerial and productive time.
4.7.    Value for your money.
4.8.    Labour.co.za offers you that peace of mind.


5.1 All appearances and attendance contained in section 2.1 - 2.15 above are included in your monthly fee (excluding traveling, accommodation), provided that we attend to the matters from the start, and that our instructions, advice, outcome or sanctions will not be altered by the Employer or members of staff.

5.2 All traveling costs are not included in the monthly fee and will be charged at a rate of R 4.00 per km or the actual cost of the air travel ticket/s and or car hire.

5.3 Accommodation for out-of town assistance in matters referred above will be charged at the actual cost.

5.4 In order for Labour SA to represent Employers at the CCMA and/or Bargaining Council, Employer must join their nearest AHI affiliated sakekamer and the AHI Employers Organisation and pay the annual membership fee of the AHI Employers Organisation (currently R550 per annum).


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